Wednesday, September 12, 2007

50 ways to leave your lover...

Trekking blank sock yarn..Maybe a 1/2 circle shawl?
Unfinished EZ raglan with garter stitch for ribbing.
Yarn for Dream in color Tulip Adult size.

"Just slip out the back jack, make a new plan stan, don't need to be coy roy..Just listen to me
Hop on the bus gus, don't need to discuss much, just drop off the key lee, and set your self free..."

I love that song but lets get down to business. I finished the pi shawl, I finished the green cashmere yoke sweater. I spun 200 yds of 2 ply cobweb lace weight 100% angora yarn as well as plied up some silk and wool in reds.

On the music front I went to Magna tunes and bought 4 instrumental CD's 2 on guitar and 2 on piano.

I also bought a Kirby vacuum. I planted another rose, mulched 2 new gardens with the cocoa hull mulch and scraped my front windows of old paint so I could paint. We are also having a driveway put in the back yard as we speak/type. This caused me to have to dig up the new garden I just made this year. se la vie (or however you spell that)

Thank you for all your birthday wishes! I gorged myself with Olive garden at J's expense and spent the rest of the day hanging out together.
Well gotta go now that my camera is working, there should be more photo's.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

happy belated birthday! looks like you've been having some fun lately!

9/14/2007 4:17 AM  

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