Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Ok so now it’s been a month in my new job and it’s still cool. Lot to learn lots of frustration but still very cool.
I’m gonna have to blog about what really separates the happy from the eternally miserable.
On to the fiber stuff. I have to get the photos up, I have them in the camera and need to upload them to the blog. One is a photo of the Job being blocked to check finished measurements verses knitted measurements. I don’t have any photo’s on the sweater but it is coming along nicely. I started a sleeve, and decided it will be a EZ Raglan. I may need to rip back since I haven’t looked at the instructions yet.

I’ve been blending my alpaca and the wool I bought last year, and spinning it. I’m supposed to be spinning yarn for my mom but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

On the fiber festival front, I need to get moving. I need to send letters to prospective sponsors and start advertising for vendors.

On the stash front, I am changing the nature of my stash. I no longer want two balls of this yarn or that, Now I want enough to make a project! I bought several balls of yarn (acrylic) from Michael's for 1.99 each to make the girls their sweaters this year. Blue cream and tan. The tan one will be supplemented with what ever is leftover from the first two. I have to remember to make them bigger this year. The yarn came in 167 yd lots and in a chuncky size 10 -13 needle weight. I found some cones of ?? in the basement that I had forgotten about. Good yardage for large lace projects. I also have several balls of left overs I will be looking at making something with.( I say that every year) As for spun yarn… It’s on a touch and go basis.

On the gardening from I transplanted at least 20 iris this week and finally got to use that coco hull mulch. YUM! It smells even better when it’s wet!

Continued 2 days later...

Ok so this weekend we went to My inlaws to visit the kids. I got to ride bikes with Heather, and go roller skating with both the kids. That was fun! I hadn't done that in Years and I only fell once. We're going to look into Skateland to see if we can keep doing it. We also took the Scooter this time and he seemed to travel quite well. The kids will be home mid August and I can't wait!
I also got so much knitting done, that I ran out of yarn on the sweater project while having finished the sleeve and started the next, and started into my 3rd ball of yarn and the second set of lace patterns on the JOB. I am over the 1/2 way point but still under the 3/4 mark.

I had photo's but my camera is acting stupid again!
Well I have to go...


Blogger dragon knitter said...

sounds like you've been busy! our garden is going, but so far the harvest has consisted of some greens (which have gone to seed, sigh, time to rip them up, and replant for the fall!), and 10 grape tomatoes. the other tomatoes & peppers have fruit set on, but none are ripening yet. the egg plant haven't set on any fruit, yet, but i hear they're always late. i may try starting them myself next year, and getting them bigger than they'd be if i bought them from a nursery.

where did you get t he cocoa hull mulch? sounds wonderful! (and better than cedar, lol!)

7/15/2007 8:45 PM  

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