Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A costly rant

Ok, I know there is going to be someone out there that is going to say I told you so but here it goes. I Knit Slow. So when a customer asks me to finish a project that’s fine and it goes quick. But as soon as they include some bit of knitting there goes the price. Now you have to realize that I charge people 6.00 per hour. I don’t know too many people who work for that little. It’s above minimum wage but not by much. So if you make something and ask me to finish it (sewing) then it won’t take too long maybe 3 hours if I’m not weaving in a bunch of ends. But then you want me to knit a 7 inch turtleneck, 4 inches in K1,P1 rib and 3 more in a height eating pattern on no 3 needles in sock yarn with 106 stitches in the round it’s gonna take some time! Add to that fact that I knit slow (it’s actually that I purl slow, I knit quite at a normal speed.) Your talking hours and $$$. So when I call and tell you the cost of my labor and you give me shocked silence or worse yet Flack….I’m gonna be a little upset. If it’s too much money then I guess it would be cheaper to do your own work! I’ll even teach you how for free.
End of rant.

So, this last weekend was filled with job knitting. This weekend will be filled with ..Job knitting washing fleece, mailing checks running to Lincoln and Fremont, going to my oldest teens play putting uup with in laws and playing with my latest addition… a new doe.(at least we hope it’s a doe. I have too many bucks as it is.) I went out and bought 2 new cages and as the new doe is only 8 weeks old the travel cage is plenty big for her. She is a Vienna mark? Black with one white spot on her head. Very cute and fluffy. Scotch turned out to be a Dutch. No fiber from him. I may have to do something very unkind to him soon.
I got some gift certificates in the mail from String of Purls, I may send J out there on the Men’s Monday. I may even violate my moral code and go there on next Wed. We will see.
One white Lincoln fleece left 6 lbs 4 oz. I’m not averse to taking it myself but It can go if someone else wants it. I can even wash it for $5.50. This is not my normal fee, I’m helping a good farmer move some good product.
On to the voluntary knitting I’m looking at that Spartan sweater in Interweave Knits. I found the authors website, called stitching on the farm. She seems really cool. I spent my breaks at work converting the pattern for some yarn I was thinking of using. I also looked at some yarn on the knit pick web site that would work. Two of them actually swish superwash and wool of the Andes. The gage is a little off but not by enough to be a headache. Her gage is 3.5 st and 5 rows per inch. The knit picks yarns run at 4 st and I don’t know how many rows. The yarn I have in the house runs 4.5 st and 5 rows. So I had to re-write the pattern.

I think I should be able to post it here without copyright infringment. All I changed is some stitch numbers based on the gauge for the new yarn.

Anyway I gotta run...


Blogger dragon knitter said...

she sounds like a twit (substitute an a as you wish).

i can't wait to see the fleece all washed up!

and i still say it didn't smell bad, just like sheep (farmgirl, lol)

11/30/2006 9:45 AM  

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