Friday, December 15, 2006

Santa came early

Look what Santa left me...Yeah, isn't that cool? He got it from the Wool Peddler. It's merino handyed in the colorway Tango. So cool, I will be spinning it as soon as I can. Projects? What other projects?

I've switched to the new blogger. It doesn't seem all that different from the old one except it asks me for labels for my posts. I think this one will be mostly spinning. Let me know if you notice anything different.

Last night I gave away some 5 lbs of Suffulk wool roving I didn't like. This morning I cleaned out my stash and threw out some alpaca seconds, some chaffy Jacobs wool and some donated fiber that looked like merino or something blended (badly) with some (felted) angora. It was tacky and weird.
Then I re orginised the fiber shelf, brought the antique spinning wheel down stairs and debated about when to go through the lincoln fleece I bought. I still have many fleeces to move or spin.
Here's the list..alpaca, romney, icelandic, columbia,lincoln, silk, mohair, morino,border liecester, shetland lincoln cross,angora, and cotton(I know it's not a fleece).

FOR SALE: Louet David 8 harness 36 inch width loom. String heddles, 10 treadles, removable breast beam(front bar) foldable back beam. $700.00
I don't weave anymore.
Email me for details.



Blogger dragon knitter said...

lets see if it lets me post a comment this time!

i likes tango!
sounds like you've been busy, too!

12/16/2006 8:07 PM  

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