Thursday, December 14, 2006

To whom It may Concern

Dear errant knitting personality,
This letter is to remind you of the many projects you have going. We of the unfinished basket have had enough of your new projects and the dust that continues to cover us as we wait for you to get back in touch. The recent stirring you gave us only has increased our frustration with your wandering ways.

The open front vest wants to know how come it will now be split into 2 separate tank tops instead of being finished as intended. It only needs the top quarter of the front panels knit and then sewn together. We have noticed you doing this for others while we languish in the basket.

We were not intimidated by the ruthless frogging you gave the 2 color turtle sweater. With now more yarn for the vest, your excuses are baseless. I, the finished sweater vest wonder if I’m so finished why I am in here. If you don’t like the way I turned out, you could give me to someone who needs me more and won’t mind my little quirks. The socks J gave you to finish are packing as we write this.

The Camalid scarf is desperately waving its ends in the air, yet night after night you walk right by and ignore it’s shameful display. The binding off you gave it last week could not compare to the alpaca scarf that you laid on top of it…Completely finished. Did you need to add insult to injury?

Now we are hearing, not whispered rumors but shouted plans to knit another sweater or vest, and don’t think we haven’t noticed the yarn, needles, and pattern have all been gathered up in a bag together! What of the grey wool acrylic sweater you were making just this September? Is it too destined to become a UFO? And the mittens only need their duplicate stitching finished. Is that so hard?

What is wrong with this picture? Don’t we mean anything? Can’t you commit? We will have to take drastic actions if this behavior continues. You might never see your favorite dpn’s again, or worse yet, how would you like a wool strike? Don’t think we won’t!
Come finish us, and you can start those new projects with a clear conscience.

The gang in the UFO bin



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