Friday, March 24, 2006


To retreat: To run away from, to do the opposite of advance, to back away from at a quick pace...ect. Well fellow blog readers I have my first retreat this weekend, matter of fact right after work today so this blog entry will be short. I have recently been to Annie Modesitts' blog and read up on eastern, western and combination knitting styles. The verdict is I still knit backwards. It's actually the eastern uncrossed method, but my yarn and empty needle are in the left hand. That and I throw. But that's ok! I may gain the confidence to warp more would- be knitters soon. Maybe like at next years fiber festival. (More on that as it develops) But this weekend is the Freemont Guilds fiber retreat in Gretna. Just so you know Fremont is northwest and Gretna is southwest of Omaha. So I will be gone until Sunday noon. (Don't worry I have cleaned the house, filled it with food, Did the laundry, and loaded up on the cleaning supplies for when I get back.) I had the coolest night packing and trying to figure out which project to bring, which wheel to use, what fiber to spin...It was glorious! Kind of reminded me of the driving tour of MO John and I took in 200? (2 or 3 I can't remember) No kids, no plans, no schedule, just a rental car, one week, late June weather and plenty of money. Well we did have to be in Nevada MO over the weekend for the fiber festival there. But I can't see how that was a bad thing!

Now on to a new blog! I have discovered also on a blog called "You knit What?" It is a rather harsh critique on knitted fashions. I think it's funny as heck. They use some profanity and I disagree with some of the comments, but all in all it is still..Funny as Heck!

A quick note on the needles, I found some DPN size 13's in bamboo and finished my 13 year olds' sweater last night. She rewarded me by wearing it to school today. ( I'm so proud!) It looks really good and I hope it holds up. The red lace scarf will be frogged and made into a smoke ring, like I intended in the first place, I still need to graft the toe on the second sock, (Don't ask, I've been off lately) and I purchased yarn, and cast on for my husbands first hand knitted sweater. This was supposed to be a short post but I've been busy! (apparently)

I bought 10 balls of Lionbrands Wool Ease worsted in medium gray. Y'all..His front takes 117 stitches on a #8 needle. Can you say Knitting for a month or two? But love (and a few other not so nice things) knows no bounds, right? Right!? It gets better. I showed him Durrow from Magnits (and knit by Ken the Yarn Harlot friend, for the Olympics) He said cool and how the cables looked like G clefs (musical symbol) and could I knit him one? Look up the pic people and you will see why I trembled at my computer! Anyway more on that after I get over the fright. Daunting!
Anyway the Y/H has a new post and a link to a cable designer I might want to talk to so...


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