Thursday, March 16, 2006

Do the I pod shuffle....

Yes I have finally joined the rest of the world and got an I-pod, but just a Shuffle cause I'm not that heavy into it ..yet. Now I can listen to music while working out, or just plain working. By the way, this whole purchase was motivated by the fact I can't download my knitting podcasts at work anymore. A call to Hubby is all it took Monday and she is charging right now with all the casts and music loaded on already. Hu-Rah! I love it when a plan comes together!

On to our socks. Yes there are photos but they are hiding in the camera (naughty!) and the second sock is waiting for me to turn the heel this evening. I will say the second sock is turning out different even at this early stage. Tighter which I have to watch out for. Don't want to cut off the circulation. I will say, I DID rip back to the gussets on the first one to make more decreases. Not all of them 'cause apparently I have a high arch! (who'd a thunk?) The Toe? Oh no, that got ripped out 3 times for decreases and grafting errors and still didn't get it rounded. It came out kinda straight. Oh well that's why they're bed socks. The next ones will be better.(they will have to be, they are a secret gift for a friends birthday.)

The red lace scarf is languishing in the bottom of my backpack waiting for the socks to Go Away! 'Cause it was here first and it is Much more important than mere socks. It will be going in the sale bin and must be finished! Yeah well..Ok so...Stop looking at me that way! You know I will get back to it!

Anyone read the Yarn Harlot lately? March break and a new book! Busy, busy, busy! Me too though, 2 spinning meetings, several Oz's of wool spun, a fiber festival in the works, several knitting meetings, and finally a good way to keep my hair down! Thanks Heather for letting mommy use your hair bows. Cute even at 31...I'll take it.


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