Tuesday, April 04, 2006

SPRING into...spring?

I've been bit by the spring bug. If you live anywhere in the midwest you know that the weather has been...odd. The winter was warm and the spring early. So in order to celebrate, I have been working my garden! Daffodils, roses, tulips, iris', lily's, and those cute packs from the local M.U.D. one is a Plains Coreopsis and the other pack is Forget Me Not. Seeds of those, and cotton yet to be planted. The kids and the dog have gone a little nuts as well. Always wanting out....

Any who, the sweater is now about 10 inches but we're still on the front. I have an order for stitch markers that I'm trying to fill. The charms and supplies have been found, the beads are coming tomorrow as well as probably more charms. Hobby Lobby, I forgot that was such a cool place. On the Wheels, I have a three ply alpaca, silk, and wool yarn, (only my second) maybe about 1.5 oz. On my Joy, I have the cotton. My bane, my...oh my why did I want to spin cotton? I spun the single. Then repun it so it would live thru the plying. It broke in 3 places. This means I will have yet another ball of 2 ply cotton I cannot sell because of the knots. I love the challenge but I can't seem to get it right. I can spin any animal fiber or silk, but plants? I guess now this is my new frontier. My drop spindles have been busy. Easter green wool. (Maybe I need to try cotton on a drop spindle? Hmm.) I'm sending off some Romney and last years alpaca fleece to be processed down in Kansas. I usually do my own but this years fleeces will be coming soon and I need the space. I also wanted someone else to blend the wool and alpaca seconds.

In other news, Spring also means taking the dog to the vet, the annual fight against mites begins anew, dealing with the hill from hell (thank god for little Mexicans!) starting the retaining wall, constantly worrying about the rain flooding the basement, or leaking into the back porch... Ok I'm depressing myself. STOP!

I've been blog surfing again, checking out It's a purl man, Quirky Nomads, The Panopticon, and Mason Dixon Knitting. I am esp. Interested in men who knit lately. My question is.."Are they all gay?" (No I have no issue with gay people. But I'm trying to convince my husband to go back to knitting. He says most men who knit are gay. I'm wondering if he is right or not.) I have not listened to their podcasts yet, but I have read their blogs. Looking good so far. I have also reviewed the book One Skein. I didn't like it cause there are some really big skeins in that book.. (One of them is a cone of yarn which does not qualify in my eyes as a skein) That might be how some of those items were created. I am also not interested in making any of the things in there which is prob. the real reason I don't like it. I am currently looking at getting the latest Yarn Harlot book. You have to know I would cut out my tongue before saying anything bad about her/it so we won't review it. That's all for now.( Good lord isn't that enuf?) please excuse my negativity, I promise it will pass...Toodles!


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