Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What a week!

Today in the wonderful world of Snarled Yarn is a summary of the last 3 days.

Monday-The accursed purse is finished, we do a small dance of joy and launch full steam into the hat. Found an old disaster, my first triangular shawl and figured that blocking would fix 99.9% of the disaster. I can now mark that off my list :)

Tuesday- My wallet is lost for 2 hours. The purse is delivered and payed for. (Then I lost 20.00 of the money)

The hat was measured at an 18 inch circ on the customers head and it's a good thing too! knitting meeting went fine, used my gift card to buy 5 balls of 2 dollar yarn, in blue for a baby blanket. (And later on 5 more in red for myself.) Found out my seven year old fried my keyboard, lucky I had a spare.....

Wed- got 1/2 a ton of laundry done, knitted 1/4 of an afgan, decided blue yarn will go into afgan and baby blanket will be made of another blue yarn. We got Cable in 3 rooms today and 2 new phones as well as a better cell plan. Continued the three month search for living room furniture. (OMG will that NEVER end?) Blogged and posted photos.


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