Thursday, October 20, 2005

The way I knit...

Knitters. What an opinionated group they are. Continental method only. Wooden needles are better. Acrylic? Good lord no. And the worst of all... "Your knitting wrong " a close cousin of "You can't knit that way!"
Yesterday I met a lady at work who knits, but a local teacher told her she'd have to relearn how to because she's doing it all wrong. She was told she would never be able to read or knit a pattern.

What a bunch of malarky! The only thing she was doing was twisting her stitches. So I showed her how not to and then taught her to purl all in 5 minutes. Why would anyone do such a thing?
To get her to pay for classes? Because the teacher can't teach any other way? The same thing I was told. Guess what I hold my working yarn and gaining needle in my left hand. I knit thru the back of all my stiches, and I throw the yarn.
I also have been teaching a complete newbie to knit. She was so excited, she went out and bought size 11 straight aluminum needles and a ball of redheart yarn the first night. She was practicing before I left work today.
That is what it's all about. Not the money, or the prestige. The lighting up of "I got it!" seeing their enthusiasm and their pride.

We have also run into several yarn snobs in our time. But being a hand spinner and dye-r I can make anything that they can purchase. My pride is that I win awards for making the yarn, they get a fat bill. I get state wide recognition, they get the envy of a few friends (most of which who don't knit). I get to say I made that from scratch, yup spun the yarn and everything. They get to say..... Yeah well, you get the picture.


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