Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The purse, The hat and The knitter

We shall start with the accused purse. This purse that I worked on, knitting for 8 hours (in seed stitch), the lining and assembly that took me 5 hours, the redo-ing of the zipper that will drive me nuts! I was so proud of the purse. It was my best friend, my greatest accomplishment. And then I got to know the purse. The zipper that stuck, the hand stitching that showed, the lining that bulked, the weave ins that wouldn't stay.
Let me just say, I hate finishing projects because I'm not good at it, and I've never done a lining and zipper before so these are my first attempts. We are not amused. To cope with this huge letdown, we have begun to knit the hat of many colors. It is fun! It is new! It is not the cursed purse that was on my mind at 4:00 this morning and would not let me sleep!
The hat is easy. Colored loops of yarn adorn my wrists as I walk and knit, no bag needed.( Just scissors now and then) It is pretty and draws lots of attention. We have great hopes for the hat. Purse? What purse?

How did that get in there? No, no this is the one we like...

Isn't it precious? We likes it, not like that tricksy purse, no.
Well, got to go, just thought of a way to fix that darned thing, so....


Blogger dragon knitter said...

where have you been all my life? you're in omaha! woohoo another omaha knitter/spinner! i know, i know, there's the guild, but i can never make their meetings (dont want to bring the boys, that would be MY time). something about fiance's rehearsal, etc.

i found you through erin. sorry to hear about your relationship technicalities. i'm in florence, where are you?

11/21/2005 6:29 PM  

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