Saturday, September 24, 2005

Welcome to snarl yarns

Hello, This is a blog about knitting, spinning weaving and other stuff.
My name is Tonya Leach-Trickel, and I run a small business on the above activities while working as an accountant for the government. I'm 31 and live in Omaha Nebraska USA. I was born and raised on Long Island in NY however.
The reason this is called snarled yarns is for the incoherent rambling stories and adventures that will be related here about knitting, spinning, weaving, dying, and life with two budding teenage daughters and one 7 year old daughter, one husband, and one dog. (I have taught all three kids how to knit, spin, and weave several times and just when they got the hang of it, they lost interest. KIDS!)

Anyway I hope to post at least once a week with photos. Lets see what we are working on now: One bright blue purple fizz poncho, one tan and orange mitten, one Berroco Suede hand bag, one alpaca wool sweater.... Some Icelandic wool/ silk yarn, some alpaca silk yarn, some Lincoln shetland cross yarn.....I think that's it. Is that enough? The photos will have to come tomorrow, I have to go yarn hunting. My stash hasn't been updated since spring.



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