Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oct 9

Ok since the last post was so heavy and non fiber related, let’s get back to the business at hand.
I have continued to spin the brown Corridale roving and now I have almost 2 full bobbins of it. I will soon be ready to ply for length, at length. I fixed my antique wheel this Sunday and went to Lowes and bought some Danish oil and gave it a bath. It loved it. I loved it. Then I set up the distaff with some white Romney wool and spun. It’s a lot like my Schacht on that the take up is uneven but I like it any way. The bobbins are so tiny! Yesterday I oiled my other two wheel and they looked better but still kinda like they needed more.
I have been listening to my podcasts and found one of the songs from Cast-on played on a tv commercial. I think it’s called simply the way I am by the licivious biddies? I’ll have to look. I noticed there was no podcast from Knit Picks, I need to re listen to the last one and see if she said why.
On that note, the Mangelsons group has its’ last meeting for 6 weeks tonight. The Halloween section is taking over the craft room. I’m not sure where I will be going for that. We have been invited to the Panera bread place on 72 and Giles. I just may go to Cranes Coffee.
Knitting update:
Lace- up to chart 3 and still loving it.
Top Down Raglan- needs metal size 13’s for the yarn is catching on the wooden needles.
Skirt- going to be ripped and balled.
EZ raglan sweater- still needs to be sewn up, still not sure on the wearing part.
Reading- I still read all my blogs, but I have torn though 2 really cool books in the last 2 weeks.. One is The Red Tent. It’s a great book. It should remind women that we have always had a measure of power over our own destinies.
Second is called Drunk Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair. Hilarious! And rewarding. Not the smooth and flowing river of The Red Tent, this is the wild short rush of the rapids (or water slide for the tamer of us).
Trips: I’m taking a trip to the Plum Nelly in Hastings this weekend. I will be leaving Sat and coming back Sun. Just me, no kids, no J, no obligations. The 2.5 hour drive 1 way will be new to me, but I know I can handle it. Me and Map Quest that is.
Family: my 15 year old got her promotion and rope this past week from ROTC. My 14 year old learned how to study and her Spanish lessons are coming along. The 9 year old has a field trip today..I think that’s #4. J is scoping out his next Bike and bought a leather vest.

Well that's all for now.


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