Saturday, November 25, 2006

After the show has ended

Yes the guild show is over. In all we made some pretty good money and my check came faster than ever. It just wasn't that big. That's ok though cause eBay will make up for it.

Thanksgiving is also over. It was cool. We had chili, cornbread, egg nog, chips and dip, and Boston cream pie with ice cream for dessert. (oh and the ever present coffee!)

There are two Lincoln fleeces left. The washed one went to it's new home this morning.

My daughters mittens are all sewn up, they just need their snowflake design on the back. (And some snow to wear them in.) The zig zag scarf is at normal scarf length but I still have yarn left so it will be getting longer.

My clients turtleneck is almost done, we should be done by Sunday night, and my new repair job is at a standstill until I figure out that decorative edging. That should be done Sunday night as well.

I have discovered the Country Store in Council Bluffs across from The Tractor Supply Company sells bales of hay! I was so tired of running out of hay for the rabbits and paying 4 dollars for a tiny bale that mostly fell through the floor of their cages. I bought a huge square bale of hay that should last them for a year at least for 6 dollars! Wow. Much better deal for me and the bunnies.
There is a bunny show in Fort dodge Iowa today that my girlfriends have gone to. They promised to bring me back 2 cages for Scotch and Kiki. Ms. Riley did not give birth much as I expected. I had her rebred on the 15th so we are back to waiting another month.

On the podcast front I have been listening to Sticks and String, a knitting podcast by an Australian bloke named David. I am impressed with his show and must say that accent makes me knit faster! (Ahem!) Lets give him our warmest welcomes and hope he can go the distance. It's also nice to hear more guys.

I've been looking through a lot of knitting magazines lately and have found a nice sweater pattern for a guy in one of the Interweave knitting issues (fall 2006). After listening to David about what men want in a sweater and looking in J's closet. It seems to suit him. It has a fair isle pattern along the hem, and is a v neck but otherwise has no designs and is only in one color. Even the fair isle is the main color and a lighter version of the same color. I may have to change the v neck to a crew but it's simple and plain. The grey sweater I'm knitting him needs only 1.5 sleeves and some sewing. Then the collar and I'm done. I don't think it's going to work well, it may be too wide and not long enough. We will see.

Well that's all for now, happy holidays and remember to knit, spin, weave, crochet..Whatever!


Blogger dragon knitter said...

i was crocheting as i read this, lol! sorry i didn't get your email until tonight, lol! it's late, and i'm delirious, lol!

11/25/2006 8:45 PM  

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