Friday, November 17, 2006

Free at last!

Nov 17 2006

Today I paid off the smaller of my two long term debts. I even have a receipt that looks like it should be framed. As you may know, J and I are looking for a new house. In order to do that well, we are reducing our debts. Even though this payoff was planned before the house, it still puts us one step closer to the goal!

Tomorrow is the guild sale 9-4pm at the Banquet center in Ralston. Take 72 st to the Ralston sign (Welcome to Ralston) it’s on the west side of the street. Turn in it and drive till you’re almost to the top of the hill and look on your left. There it is in the little strip mall. Go. Spend money. Support your local artists.

The Lincoln fleeces from Iowa came today and I was Very pleased. 4 fleeces mostly lamb and one mature animal. 2 white, one dark silver, and one multicolor. (Brown silver and white) Heavy, curly locks and the shearing job looked good. I will say that I think the fleeces absorbed some moisture. They’re not wet, just cold and really heavy. The shipping tag says 35lbs for all of them. I can believe it. I’d take them all if I hadn’t told my girls they could look them over first. Even at 5.00 a lb that’s 175.00. WOW! Any way

Ms. Riley doesn’t seem to be pregnant. She was chewing her cage again so I let her in with Scotch and she went right to it. No fuss like with her first breeding. So we get to wait another thirty days and see what’s what. Scotch just thinks he’s senior buck now. I had to double lock his cage he’s gotten so fired up. My little white one is just pissy now.

The spinning probably won’t resume till next month. I still have a sweater to put together for a client. This fantastic woman made a sweater out of sock yarn. And yes I get to sew it together and make the collar. Woopee! So far I have 3 hours into it just sewing the sleeves shut, never mind sewing them onto the body. I was hoping to get that done this weekend.

Classes for the fiber show: if I hadn’t written before knitting, felting, spinning, crochet, and dying. There is only one felting class but there should be 2 of the others. Vendors need to send in money by Jan 31. I will need to know if your booth-ing by yourself or with someone else. Fee is 100.00 with 50.00 refundable. Vendors are provided with chairs tables and electricity.

Don’t forget to listen to your podcasts, and visit your favorite blogs. Please leave a comment. I love to think some one actually reads my ramblings. (Other than you Minnie.)


Blogger dragon knitter said...

and here i was gonna say "i do!"


i'll be at the sale tomorrow, just don't know when. mark promised me i could go. (if i go before his "time" i get to leave the munchkins at home!)

11/17/2006 7:38 PM  

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