Saturday, October 28, 2006

You could have heard a pin drop

I love Nebraska sometimes. Today I went to Beatrice and spoke to the Nebraska sheep and goat organization. I told them we need your fiber, we have two major fiber shows coming up and we need vendors. You should be able to sell a good fleece for 5-10 $ a lb. We have attendance of the Hastings guild, the fremont guild, the Omaha guild and the loosely joined bellevue fiber people. Money opportunity and attendance.
It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.And they were in a carpeted room. I had all of their attention and afterwards they came up and fondled my example fleeces, offered me cards and contact info handshakes and enthusiasm.

You have to consider that I had just listened to them complain about the low $ they are getting for their wool. I then provided an answer to their problems.
Now I know that from a spinners point of view it's like" yeah but they bring us Junk and ask for top dollar. Then they wonder why they don't get it!" I brought them example fleeces. These are two fleeces purchased from Handspinners flocks, had no dirt, VM, second cuts, weak tips or anything. A couple of the producers tried to act shady, and I was forced to tell them the truth, you bring crap and it won't sell. I also don't guarantee that you will sell everything or anything at the show. I'm just giving you the opportunity to try.

Yeah, now I have to get people to come and buy, as well as find 1000 to rent the place. So wish me luck!


Blogger dragon knitter said...

luck! and if you tell me where the show will be, damn skippy i'm gonna come! there's a dearth of decent fiber festivals here in cow country.

and i'm digging, i'm digging!

10/29/2006 11:05 AM  

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