Friday, October 20, 2006

Well, howdy! Welcome back to Snarled yarns your local storytelling fiberblog. I'm your host and today we'll be talking about... anything and everything! So just sit back a spell and enjoy the blog.

I'm sitting here watching the sun come up over the Missouri river. My computer sits in the bay of our south facing bay window. Monday I switched places with J and now I get up later and help the munchkin go off to school. The great thing is I go to work in the light and still manage to get home before dark. Watching the sun rise is one of the simple pleasures along with spending the morning with my 8 y/o Heather. Sometimes she even lets me do her hair.

Morning has always been my favorite time. So quiet and peaceful so full of promise for the day. Tomorrow I have to work overtime and I won't get to have a morning. The afternoon is already planned with a fiber meeting in Ponca hills. Today is already filled with work, gym, shopping and hopefully some more knitting and spinning.

The mohair project is still here. I knit on it but seem to make little progress. I need to knit 10 inches 3 times and can't seem to get the first time done! I spun up some Romney just for fun and finally bought a new ball winder. I need to spin up some silk to ply with Ms. Riley's wool now that she has stopped molting. I knit a little on my zig zag scarf but not much and the progress is slow. I still have not done the actual tagging even though they are all filled out. I have to update my quickbook software and fill out the prices.

Tomorrow Ms Riley will be having a day out. I will be bringing her to work and then to the meeting so she can be bred by Diannes Mocha Frappaccino. What wonderful news for her and exciting prospects for me. I have had her on a bit of a diet and been teasing her with Scotch to make sure she's ready. This week is a new moon so I expect lots of does. (Or just mostly) We'll see what happens.

To all the knit girls- sorry I missed you last night, I had to work out and get some things done. I hope to catch you next Thursday.



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