Monday, October 16, 2006

I owe you pictures and a change of information. The guild show is the 3rd weekend of November. Sorry for the confusion.

Knit night was last Thursday but I couldn't relax enough, because I had to take my munchkin with me. This weekend was filled with activity. Knitting spinning and tagging my guild stuff.
Speaking of which, I noticed that my yarn site was not working properly, so apologies all around. I have gotten that fixed.

My roses decided to bloom and were still blooming when it got really cold so I took pity on them and tied them up in plastic bags. It didn't work. They do better changing with the weather. Does anyone know where to find good burlap? Next spring I get to dig up the top beds in the front of the house, and maybe the lower one too if the rhoddies and azaleas don't come back. I must remember to get full sun plants next time. I want to plant more iris in the back and on the sides of the house too. Maybe some more Daffodils.

I'm still not quite sure what to do about the rabbit breeding thing. I keep thinking yeah but she was one of 7 in the litter, what would I do with 9 rabbits? And then I would only breed her that once....It would be better off to buy more. I really want a red/orange.( So this weekend I'm gonna breed her to one of the little boys from Diannes.)

On to the fiber fest news, the Nebraska Sheep and Goat Assoc will be having their annual meeting the 27th in Beatrice and hopefully I will be going to invite their members and their organization to be involved. We don't want them to be too involved, because there will be other animals involved like bunnies, llamas, and alpacas.

Ok here's a fact of life for bunny people:

I bought the cutest little bunny at the county fair. It only cost $10! I needed a cage and food and supplies for the bunny that I bought at the fair. ($50) He seemed so lonely, so I got another bunny. ($30) It needed a cage and food and supplies. ($50) I bred my bunnies. The doe needed a C-section, but now I have four more beautiful bunnies! ($300) They need cages and food and supplies. ($200) I've decided to show my bunnies! I need to buy carrying cages, cage cups, a show table and one of those nifty little carts to haul them into the showroom with. ($200)
At the show I found the most awesome rabbit for sale, it's already a champion! I gotta have it! ($150) I need another cage and food and supplies. ($50) Ive bred all my bunnies to that awesome champion. Now I've got LOTS of show bunnies! I need more cages and food and supplies, and some more carrying cages, and a bigger nifty cart to haul them in with. ($500)
My car is too small to fit all these carrying cages into. I need to buyremovableh a removeable back seat. Yeah, that'll do it! ($32,000)
I need a bumper sticker that says "Hey Hunny, Love a Bunny! ($1.50) I'm getting pretty good at this showing stuff. I need a fancier show table. ($150) All the really big breeders use those nifty blower things hmmmm. ($200) My rabbits don't fit in my garage (basement, family room, back porch, side porch, front porch) anymore. I need to build a special barn just for my bunnies. ($5,000)
I have all this extra space now! I can keep more bunnies in here! I need more cages and food and supplies. ($600) My rabbits don't fit in my van anymore. I need to get one of those little trailers and pull it behind my van. ($2000) I went to an open show at a county fair last week. I pulled in with my trailer and my van and all my grand champion bunnies, and I won Best Of Breed! There was a girl there that just fell in love with one of my juniors. I'm such a softie, I let her have it.... for $10.

Wow, isn't that true? Speaking of which, I gotta go clean those cages!


Blogger dragon knitter said...

i've had bunnies, lol. i know. we had a mini french lop, and a french angora, and a blue dutch, and, and, and. i had a hutch given to me that had 16 holes, and damned if we didn't fill all of them (west point had a small animal auction regularly in those days). the hard part was keeping the water going in the winter. i'm glad i don't have bunnies any more, lol.

10/16/2006 7:49 PM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

i forgot to mention that i covered my marigolds and 4 o'clocks (both came up volunteer, lol, only flowers i worked at this year), and while they got a little burnt, they did survive. at the behest of my boys, believe it or not. liam is seriously attached to those 4 o'clocks. he gave them to me for mother's day 2 years ago, and they keep reseeding themselves, lol.

10/17/2006 4:30 AM  

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