Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where has my motivation gone?

Far away along with my energy, time, and soon to be sense of humor. This weekend at drill the second to last carrot was pulled from in front of this horse’s nose. No money. I was looking at a 30,000 bonus now I’m maybe looking at 6,000 or nothing. Yeah, how motivated am I? Not very Boys and girls, not very. Moving on …

My dog was attacked by two pit bulls this weekend. 700$ later he’s alright. Lucky for him he’s got a lot of loose skin or he would have been dead. The owner paid the bill which is nice…Now get rid of those F***ing dogs! We were all very luck that my 8 y/o didn’t get attacked as well. It’s time for Omaha to follow Council Bluffs and put a ban on those things. Next soap box issue..

I have two rabbits, one male one female kept in my basement. In separate cages of course. This morning I find my male floundering around on the floor in my fiber. He had jumped out of his cage and onto my fiber shelf then fell off with a bag of fiber. Now his cage is latched. I need to buy him a real one so that’s where money us going next time. The female has stopped shaking her cage loose and started giving me fiber. I have to comb her 2ce a day now and spin it on the wheel to keep up. I’m loving it. Plans on breeding her are still in the wind until I have a better plan for the babies.

Last Thursday at Touche’ at 59th and Maple was a treat with the girls, thank you ladies. For those who want to join, it starts at 530 or so. Hopefully this weekend I can spend some time with all of my other fiber ladies, and get moving on my business work. (you know the mohair vest?) Sounds like Saturday morning at Southroads mall, and maybe a trip to wild oats? I need to talk to Elisa of Somebunnieswool about using one of her bucks on my doe. I was gonna use Dianne of Countrydream acres but the distance thing is weirding me out.

On to spinning, I have been spinning the overdyed grey dorset wool. It looks so odd cause you can see the grey under the raspberry. Spun up it looks kinda purple instead of red. I’ve also been spinning bunny. Grey and white. Also some California variegated mutant on my Schacht, because I gotta do something with it. My Guild pile has slowed down to a crawl since I’m so busy with everything else.

The Guild Show! Is in the 2nd week of November in Ralston right off 72 st and Main street. 9am to 5 pm. The guild meeting should be this wed night sometime around 630 or 7 pm until 9 or 10 pm out on 132 and Blondo? I will not be there, But I will be in the sale so if you see yarn you like on the stash page, it will be there for sale. I keep my prices low so don’t worry about bringing a lot of $. Not only that but I can usually make some more if you need it.
Well with that, I’m gonna " git".


Blogger dragon knitter said...

the problem with a lot of pit bulls is they aren't raised properly. they need a strong master, who won't put up with shit. the other issue is breeding. some crosses just do not do well. sounds like the owner is not an appropriate owner. the problem with banning one breed, is asking when do we ban others? rotweilers? doberman pinschers? german shepherds? sorry, i'm on my soap box now, lol. i just hate to see legislation against an animal that can't defend itself.

and i just may make my way south that weekend.

10/11/2006 8:18 AM  

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