Friday, June 09, 2006

Moving out

Moving out
Wednesdayy night we went to see moving out, a musical, and it was loud! The dancing was cool, I saw a combo ofballett, river dance breakdancing and ballroom in there. The music was nice to hear again, esp River of dreams. All in all it made me want to read the song lyrics a little more in depth. John and I were in the upper balcony, so ID'ing specific dancers was kinda hard.

Today we pack and prepare for the sheep and wool fest in Iowa. The dog is going to a local kennel. I hope he has fun meeting and playing with other dogs and people. I expect to pack light and come back heavy! I will be taking my camera, ashford, the Columbia wool, my drop spindle and border lester wool,the current sock project, 2 pair capri's and t shirts, my hoodie and assorted toiletries. That's it! Leaving the rest of the space for fiber, equipment, cards and paper stuff. Oh yeah and Johns stuff too.

As I have heard from the kids, they are fine. Making friends and running around morning noon and night.

Knit meeting Tuesday night was 4 of us including me, but we had fun talking girl talk. We actually got a few comments on how quiet we were.

I was listening to my podcasts, knit out in public day is Saturday. The knitting word cupstarts tomorrow, and I believe in the knitting church described in cast on's new episode.
By the way here is a list of the ones I listen to : cast on, It's a purl man, Aussie knits, pixie purls, knitwit, insubordinate, musings of a peaceful knitter...
There are so many, but I really have listened to them all. I picked out the ones I liked (and even one I don't like but listen to, to keep informed.) I am wishy washy about music, if it's there or not there doesn't matter, if I don't like it I FF, if I do I listen.

On the blog note I read the panopticon,(who I may stop after todays post!) Yarn harlot, modeknit, you knit what, and mamacate. There are a few others, titanium rose is one. Dragonknitter if you have one, tell me where it is!

I have sock one almost done I had to give my hands a rest but I will have it finished and the next one started by the time I come back. Yes it's the regia bon bon. I changed the sock pattern to fit my foot better and knitted it in 2/2 rib instead of stockinnette. Fits snug so far. No they did not wind up toe up, but I will try two at once next time.

Ok I just found out it's supposed to rain all weekend. Rats. Better go change my Capris to pants and maybe an umbrella.


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