Thursday, April 27, 2006

It is an Honor

Short post..Dragon knitter yes I watered the mulch down, then it rained just in case so we are good to go there. This Friday there is an all night knit at Manglesons, 84th and Center.
Th real purpose of this post is to say The Yarn Harlot responded to one of my comments to her blog. (can you hear the angels singing?) Oh I am So honored, I just had to tell every one. I may even move to Canada and take up the metric system. I am so not worthy!
(teenage sigh of an adoring fan)


Blogger dragon knitter said...

i wish i could go tomorrow night, but i've hit my limit with the SoP knit night, at least for a few months.

oooo isn't grand when the yarn harot responds? i was dying about birch, and posting everywhere for help in finding the pattern, and she told me where she'd gotten hers. i also sang her a little birthday ditty, which she loved. i ahve both saved in my hotmail, lol. i'm so honored, i may never wash my email account agian!

4/27/2006 7:55 PM  

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