Monday, May 08, 2006

How did that get in there?

ok, so yest, I visited Lou Ann Thompson, owner of Thomsons Corner in Henderson Iowa. She raises Jacob Sheep. She also weaves, spins, felts and processes fibers. She is so cool. But the greatest thing was that she owns a Great Pyranese named Gracey. WOW she is only 18 mos old and is up to my 7 year olds chin! Lou Ann says she still got some growing to do. WOW! No, no pics, but maybe a Yeah, think ST Benard but white, and maybe bigger.
And when I got home I noticed something strange in my trunk, a whole 2 lbs of Jacob wool in black white and grey. ?? I don't know, the dog must of snuck it in the trunk, cause I swear I didn't have the money for that. Today to get some relief from this stubborn crick in my neck, I went to Mangelsons. (After I slept in 'till 9 am in fits and starts, after my first attempt to go resulted in a flat tire and an emergency trip to Walmart. Thank you guys from the grain analysis building. After it took 2 .5 hours for Walmart to fix the darn thing...) I so needed the break, nothing else was working. I stopped in ran into Mary who works there, and left. At least that's what I thought had happened until I looked down and noticed a bag with a ball of yarn in it. IN MY HAND! Now let me tell you what was SO wrong with this situation. I KNOW I didn't have the money for yarn, nor did I need more. so I looked at it. It was sock yarn, sunshine yellow, royal purple and orange. It was a 3 oz ball and it was $14.00! Yellow is my least favorite color only succeeded by orange. The purple was ok, but for $14.00? When one 1.5 ball only cost 6.00 why would twice the amount be more than twice the cost? And why would I pay for it?

After some careful thought and recollection, the trip actually went like this..check all the shelves, hang out in the cotton section, decide I'm looking for sock yarn, Decide That I want a solid color, notice the brand I usually buy is not IN the cotton section. Wander the rest of the isles, find my brand (Regia) and start looking at the colors. Picked It up, put it down, (repeat several times, include a stretch test and some walking a round.) Called LYS 1 they didn't have the color, called LYS 2 don't carry sock yarn, all LYS 3 don't have the color. So now I am holding the last ball of this stuff in town. (Regia cotton surf color BonBon) Talked to Mary, she says what's on the shelf is what we have. Great, now I can't leave it here. So I buy it, and know my toe up socks will be made of this and started on the trip to Iowa sheep and wool festival, June 10/11.

Oh, did I mention Lou Ann is teaching some basics classes at the show? Yea, so are 3 or 4 other people I know and can call friend. One is the president of her guild this year and has invited me to join. (I am truly blessed.) Well I think this post is long enough, photo's next time.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

wait a minute, there's a sheep & wool festival in IOWA! where, where! there's a bunch of us from SoP knit night that are going to go to nevada, missouri the first weekend in june, but i might be able to swing this one as well! wehre, where?

5/08/2006 8:33 PM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

i've seen sock yarn at touche before, she must just be out right now. either that, or she decided to drop it. she does have lots of sock weight yarn, even if it isn't actual sock yarn. guess how i figured out which lys didn't ahve a link, lol. i have to do some fast talking with the SO (guess who gets the boys if i go), but i'm thinking i can talk him into either this one or nevada, but i doubt both, sigh. even if i claim business.

5/14/2006 8:20 PM  

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