Sunday, May 28, 2006

Random acts of inspiration

Good afternoon boys and girls! (Good afternoon Ms. Tonya!) Today we have no particular topic and will be blogging about everything and nothing.

This Thursday the family went to cheer Christine on at her Honors award ceremony. It was a good night and she was the best dressed one there. (Hurray for my teen!) She's the blonde in all reds, second to last in line.

Quisha also got all A's and B +'s in school this year, so that makes 3 very smart and beautifull children. Huzzah! Huzzah Huzzah! (oh, where's a tissue?)

The kids, my husband and sister in law are gone since Friday afternoon to the "folks" house. John and Denise won't be back till tomorrow aft. In that time I have done more spinning, dying, and even knitting than my wrists can put up with. (Right, so here I am typing. I know!)

I have 3 new balls of yarn, the beginning of a silk yarn, and have done 2 dying experiments. I'm trying to get gold and brown but I may have to go buy them. I have bright yellow dye that I toned down a bit with some mushroom colored dye. What I got was a less bright yellow with a tinge of green or something.
This is so cool, but it just makes off black. Can you see the red, yellow, blue, and green? Wow, if only the yarn had turned all!

I've also been working on figuring out lace. How to work it, how to make my own designs. I have a shawl for someone's B-day in mind. Not too simple, not too complex, and a nice neutral color . It shouldn't take too long and I hope they like it. The rest of you all will have to wait for X-mas. Too many summer B days in my family to knit for them. (Eugene, I need your favorite colors and an address I can mail stuff to.)

I'm still working on my on-line store. I need to photo my stuff and create paypal buttons for them. I've got the site up and sectioned out. (Remind me I have to link the pages together.) I just need to get on the ball. Since I will be off work from Thursday next week, till Tuesday the following week, I can work on that then.

Ok misc stuff by line:

I found that running elastic in your sock cuff makes them tighter.
I found that I can do kitchener stitch but not in stockinette.
I remembered how to make a bouncy yarn.
I wore my knitted hat all last week 'cause I got scalped. (Less that 2 inches of hair left)
I've been spinning on my drop spindle at work and got a lot done.
My husbands' sweater sleeve is making progress.
My dog is driving me nuts!
I miss my family, both my east coast ones and my mid west ones.

Ok, so, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"


Blogger dragon knitter said...

does that leave it open, or what?

i wish i could say the same about my boys grades, but i'm just grateful that they passed (it's been a rough year). here's hoping next year is easier.

i wanna see the bouncy yarn!

5/29/2006 7:21 PM  

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