Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Darn it..and I'm not talking socks! Work is slowly crushing the life out of me. Much like the monotony of my husbands sweater and the fickle weather and..and ... Everything else! I can't find a bush type to plant in the top tier, I finished the body of the sweater and even seamed the sides but now have the sleeves to go and it's wed, which means I'm 2 days behind on that. One of my modes of communication has been lost, and now I can't talk to a friend of mine at work. This is important, this friend keeps me from strangling people I work with! The weather is warm then cold then windy then still. Some insect is eating my roses to death, they haven't even been able to grow much less bloom. My kids...are great and leaving SOON! (not soon enough) My kitchen is dirty, my fridge is empty, and so is my bank account. To top this all off, my excema is flaring up and I'm scratching like a hound...I need a break. Lets look at something
These are my Iris' just outside my computer room window. The grid like appearance is because I shot the photo through, you guessed it, the screen. You know, I will say that when we first moved here, they were all dark purple, but now? Yeah that's yellow and that's peach. All the growth around it are from the orange lilies that will be flowering in the late summer/fall. I have a batch of spiderwort that grows under the other window but they were open last week. Ok, I feel better now. I'm going off to spin some wool. I will have to remember to put up a pic of the ice cream inspired yarns I've been making. One is called caramel swirl, and the other is mint chocolate chip.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

can i ask where you work? my job is being just as big a pain!

and does the excema mean i should look for the flakey black one? (smack me later, lol). if the sweater is getting to you, start another project!

and if your kids are leaving, do you want my youngest? i swear i'm gonna kill the little stinker!

5/17/2006 8:28 PM  

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