Thursday, June 01, 2006

By "Shear " Luck!

Wouldn't you know it? I went down to see the boys today, and Coal Dancer had just had his shearing done! What a treat to walk in for humming and walk out with black alpaca fiber. Now I get to play with it, clean some, card and spin it up and see if my 500.00 was worth it. I think so. Even though his fleece is short, right around 3 inches, it is silky. It weighed in at 4 lbs 10 oz which is good considering I am a one woman operation. I could put it with some wool or just see how it works by itself.

On to spinning, I have been spinning some tussah silk, and some more of the rough Columbia wool. After that is done I can start on the soft Columbia wool. I will be pulling some of the shetland cross black wool into roving here soon. I will be washing the rest of 'Millo's fleece this weekend, and maybe dying some of the Columbia. Speaking of which I need to go pick up Diannes fleece tomorrow too.

I am knitting the sock and am working the last of the heel flap. (Regia yarn in yellow orange and purple on size 3 dpn's.) Johns sweater is on the back burner, I picked up the stitches around the arm hole so when I finish the sleeve I'm working from the cuff up, I won't have to worry about shaping it to the decreases, I will just do a 3 needle bind off. ( or I may graft, whichever feels more comfortable to John. I know I still will have to knit the side from the armhole 'till its about 1/2 the finished sleeve length, but trust me it will work.

Podcast! Have you noticed how many podcasts there are now? WOW, well I downloaded 7-10 new ones and have been sorting through them since last evening. It might take me a couple more days as the new ones are longer. Some have music, some do not. Some are about more than just knitting. Speaking of online fun, I may enter the soccer cup knitting event. I figure I can knit that cool lace project in a month...yeah...yeah...?

The new Spin Off came today and I know I owe you photos but it's calling me so-


Blogger dragon knitter said...

well, at least the mail is acting similarly when it comes to magazines in this crazy town. i got mine too. now, if only i could get my check the same time my mother does, i'd be much happier (she got hers friday, and i got mine tuesday, made for a crappy memorial day weekend)

6/01/2006 8:32 PM  

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