Sunday, May 21, 2006

Book Review for Me and Ewe

My daughter Heather just got her basic skills test results...Drum roll please......She scored an 83% ! Wow, I have such smart kids, the oldest teen, Christine is on the honor role and is having a school dinner Thursday. We went clothes shopping last week and bought her a nice skirt and top in reds. There will be more photos.

I just bought this book, it's called America Knits by Melanie Falick. The photo's are wonderfully full of color. Many of the yarns are handspun, and there are lots of the artists who are spinning in their photos. Those who aren't spinning are dying their own yarn. The book is broken up into directions of East, west, Midwest, and southwest. The patterns cover sweaters shawls, mittens and socks. It made me want to spin and dye right away. I curled up in Barnes & Noble on a bench and lost myself in the book. There were even photo's of sheep!

Now looking at the copyright date, it looks as if I'm a bit late. The date is 1996. Wow! Well who knew? Speaking of spinning.. I promised photos. This is the Shetland Lincoln cross fleece from Nevada(ne-VA- da) M.O. The grey is the Lincoln and the black is the shetland, go figure how the breeds can be seperate in one sheep and by color. (That one with the tag won the state fair last year.)

My ice cream yarns. The one on the left is brown and white caramel swirl the one on the right is green and brown mint chocolate chip.
This is my rather pathetic amount of handspun for this year, including the Ice cream yarns but not the ones in the basket. I need to get cracking. I hoped to have 24 balls of yarn, 1 oz or more for sale by Novembers guild sale. If I count the black and grey, I will be fine, but I'm not going to. I need more alpaca silk and angora spun up. I have enough wool I think. Some alpaca wool blends, some angora wool blends, some silk alpaca blends, and some straight alpaca and silk would round out the collection.
Anyway I'm gonna get back to that book/wool/movie/meal/ ...whatever I was doing.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

did you get that wool from the festival in nevada? there's a bunch going down, and wanted to know if it was worth it or not. i can't make it this year (too many obligations, sigh). lemme know, and i'll pass the word on.

5/21/2006 6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anne said...

What beautiful yarn, Tonya!


6/10/2006 9:35 AM  

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