Saturday, April 15, 2006

How big ya gonna get?

Ok, remember I was ranting about how big my husbands sweater was going to be? Well I had to rip out the armhole decreases and decrease faster. So now I decrease 4 stitches per row instead of 2. Then I get to 10 inches, for the armpit length, and find I now have 16 extra stitches. So I hold it up to The Man and find I have 2-3 inches left to knit up his chest/shoulder. The decreases will slow down from here I think, cause at my current rate I would be done decreasing in 1 inch.

Another thing I noticed, or rather He noticed, is that the sweater didn't come down far enough. It was about 3 inches too short! (way to go on the measuring) so now I have to rip out the ribbing and knit 3 more inches. Great googeldy moogledy! There is a song called "How Big?" by a blues band called Blue House (a local band I think). One of the lines asks.."How big ya gonna get?" Now I'm wondering the same thing. Save me..Someone save me!

Ok, lets talk about fun fun! I've planted 2 more roses, one floribunda, and one gandiflora. In purple and yellow. (I don't know, pink, purple, and yellow. It's not even like I planted them with the yellow in the middle. It's on the end like a wild hair or a bastard stepchild or something. SHEESH!) Then I laid down some landscaping fabric, staked it down, and covered it with western red cedar shredded mulch. Smells great, but looks like wet alpaca. It took 2 bags to cover the 120 X 36 inch space I planted the roses in! Now I have to get 1 more bag for around the tree, transplant more tulips and iris', 1 more bag for the round in the back, transplant some of the late summer lilies that have grown a muck, (dramatic intake of breath) pull the rest of the plants from the front tiers, plant rhodies, and buy several more bags of mulch, landscaping fabric and stakes, and finish. Before I can do any of that I need 2 things. Rain and lots of it and my next paycheck. I also need to see if the shredded mulch will hang on in the wind and rain. If not, I'll have to buy nuggets and they cost more (like twice more per bag). Despite the monumental tasks ahead I'm having a good bit o' fun. But honestly how big is this project gonna get?
Wow, I have to go lie down.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

there's lots of people up here (in florence) who use the red cedar mulch, and it hangs in quite well. you should be fine, especially if you water it in (run the sprinkler on the whole mess, it will set like cake, lol). i've not done a damned thing (not even mown!), but intend on trying to get to some of it this weekend

4/17/2006 9:18 PM  

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