Thursday, June 22, 2006

Last of the show

(sheep waiting to be shorn)
So sat afternoon was cool, hung out the rest of the day, ran into Gina, hit a Really nice Italian restaurant and had a meal you actually had to slow down and taste. It was exquisite! And the atmosphere was very Italian. But lets move on to Sunday.
It started fine, had breakfast at Bruggers Bagels and wandered the local park in Adel.....

That is the raccoon river.
Hit the fiber show with 40 dollars left in my pocket just burning a hole! I found some brown dye, purchased some washed white kid mohair, and a cotton drop spindle. I also got 2 balls of dyed roving just to play with. I wound up with a t-shirt that proudly proclaims I love my sable! 1/2 lb California Variegated Mutant, a ball of grey and black wool blended with glitter tinsel and some other bright and shiny stuff.
Well at that point I went to sit and spin. I brought my wheel this time and was approached by a lady about drop spindle lessons for a friend of hers. Always glad to help, I said yes. While she was away, two other ladies came and asked about the same thing, I again said yes I could teach them. The first lady came back with her friend and watched me spindle. They had already had lessons and only needed a refresher. They asked a few questions, once they figured out what they needed to know. Then they thanked me and left. The next two ladies had gone off to buy roving and drop spindles and had their lessons from scratch.

I saw my friend Linda and that completed the list. I got a drop spindle, fiber I hadn't spun before, some brown dye, oh I gave up on the hand cards. Bought a fleece and sent it off to a new mill. Before I left I said goodbye to every one and took some photo's of the vendors building. Then we left. The car ride home was uneventful but we may be going back to Des Moines next month!
The last week or two have been busy at work, I have picked up a knitting assignment, and I have also been washing Escamillo's 2005 blanket. I thought I was done until I noticed another bag on the shelf. OIY!
That reminds me I have to go see about Mr. Washie now.


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