Friday, June 27, 2008

Good morning!

I am now on Ravelry. So there may not be anymore blogposts here.
I was looking through the older posts and noticed the one from Cali and remembered the pink yarn I bought and thought it would be perfect to go with the brown CVM handspun I have. I may wind up knitting a throw after all.

I've been doing a lot of spinning, some Border Leisester lamb in black good for weaving. Some Angora needed plying. The latest is I have been processing the chocolate Corriedale. I tried handcarding it but the rolags weren't great. I may have to drum card it and try again.

I dyed the grey and white Angora a light blue for a smoke ring. I still have a lot of blue dye left so maybe a good sized batch of wool will go in the pot today.

I'm knitting the tulip cardigan and doing the stitching for the baby blanket.

Here is somethings I have learned about working dog problems:
Old English sheep dogs are OCD
Great Pyrs drool and bark at night..A LOT!
Welsh Corgis bark to herd livestock
Australian shepherds are always looking to be the boss.
Border collies are hyperactive (bred for 16 hour workdays)

I think I'll use a different method to herd my sheep. At least till I have too many to move myself.


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