Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Back!

Back from Cali. It was ok. I have some photos. It rained alot while we were there and mostly we just worked. The population in order was: Caucation, Hispanic, Asian.

I joined my church as a member this morning(Jan 26). I get baptised this month(Feb 24).

J and I picked up some art supplies and some books and have been drawing over the last few days. I've been doing some fashion drawings but I haven't picked up a theme yet. It seems to be mainly business casual and evening wear. The focus is elegance. My best two drawing have been inspired by flowers. (Maybe my theme has been picked out?)
Yesterday we went to the Joslyn and found that they offer lots of art classes for cheap! We will be taking one probably this summer.

Well enough yacking, how about some photos?
These are all photos of the mountaniuns surounding us. We were in the Anahiem/ Santa Anna area, and some of these were as we were heading up to Chino . The Yarnstore was in a place called Anaheim Hills.
And I suppose you are wondering what I got here! Well I'll tell you but photos for another day.
4 skeins of white fingering weight superwash wool, (baby blanket) 11 oz of copper brown wool roving, (??) 4 skeins of lilac worsted weight wool yarn (garter stich vest) and a mug (Hot chocolate!).
Last but not least I have still been getting calls about the show. We may wind up doing one next year.


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