Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fiber Festival

I've been getting a couple of e mails and phone calls asking if I'm running a fiber festival for 2008. No Unfortunatly I'm not. Personal issues and lack of funding have made it not feasable.
I'm sorry I was realy looking forward to putting another one on.

I had the Sarpy county fairgrounds picked out, the buildings were both heated and cooled and there was space for live stock. They wanted 1800 per day for 3 days and 2 buildings and the stalls. Advertising needs to be in to Interweave Press by Oct or Nov to run in Dec/Jan issues, this is $50.00 per run per magazine for the classifieds. I had a food vendor set up but no one to donate the lamb. There still was the issue of vendors, fees, teachers, classes, and such that did not get dealt with. I had a lead on $8ooo.00 but I'm not a member of this certain group and they had a change of leadership just when I was about to join and ask. (That and how tacky is it to join a group and ask them for money all in one breath?)

We may try for next year when things aren't so weird. But we need to get started in June. So those of you who would like to be involved, please let me know.


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