Saturday, March 22, 2008

The prodigal blogger

Ok it’s been a long long while.
I’ve finished the spinning of the colonial top in green, washed and plied it. It takes a size 10 needle but can take a 7 if I need a tighter stitch. I’ve been knitting gauge swatches in stockinette garter seed moss and twill.
I’ve also learned how to knit pleats.
Now I am spinning Angora I'm done with the grey and on to the white.
The praying hands baby blanket is almost done with stage one. I am 20 rows from completing the center piece. Then I will pick up all around it and knit out a square blanket with increases in the corners.

Quisha’s sweater is down to its sleeve and collar. I have to pick out buttons and knit the color/button band and finish ¼ of the sleeve.

I am knitting a skirt for summer out of Katrina A bouncy yarn with great drape. I am doing the hem on thirteen’s then the leg on 10.5’s and finally the hip and upper thigh on 7’s or 8’s

The lace shawl is continuing slowly. It has no deadline.

The socks are at a halt and probably will be frogged. I don’t like the stiffness of the sock. Then I get to re knit it on size 3’s. (Like the original pair of bed socks.) Thinner sock yarns like cottons will be put on 2’s.

I have decided I don’t like the drawing class and I have picked out my drawing Goal. I am at the stage were I can draw roughs, working or flat drawings but need more skill to get to the drawing I would use to show to someone in the fashion industry.
I have been keeping up with the fashion/color trends in knitting and weaving up to summer 2009. The hand knit scene is scheduled to phase out by then. Fashion is defiantly heading for a more feminine fitted look aiming for elegance and luxury. Think 40’s and 50’s. Bulky knits and yarns are going away. The colors continue to be optimistic getting brighter and lighter. Brown looks as if it will be the new black for the next 2 years.
Blends for fiber combining lightweight and luxury like cashmere and superfine wool are becoming more prevalent and the slant is blending with the new ecological fibers such as milk, bamboo, soy, and tencel.
Weaving is growing, though slowly. I saw many of the Handwoven looks out there in the new optimistic colors still finely tailored but maintaining the handwoven look.

Spin in
The second Saturday in April, the 12th, I will be hosting a spin in at my apt. I haven’t seen many of you for quite a while so here is a chance to get you all together. Minnie tell the girls! I will also be having the Omaha spinners there and my friends from the Fremont guild are invited too.

Well gotta go,


Blogger dragon knitter said...

apartment? i'll make sure and pass the word around! and maybe i'll bring a few new ones, too, lol!

3/22/2008 8:47 PM  

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