Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

Those of us who remember Frosty the Snowman the TV special will get this reference.
Have a happy to you all and I hope your End of December religious festival went well.

Knitting and spinning continue though more spinning than knitting. I can thank the Yarn harlot for saving my tube socks. I tried them on and I don't like them. I will be putting in afterthought heels in them.

I continue to attend church(does anyone else weep at the sound of a perfect chord?) and grow in faith. Wish me luck I'm trying to accomplish something.

The farm hunting also is still going. I saw one in MO that was so beautifully I just stared at it. Not at all what I thought I wanted, but still so beautiful.

I also have a cold, and so does everyone else. My husband and I are cooking new dishes. We made spicy Moroccan lamb last night and it was a HIT! J does not like to eat lamb but has found that cooking it different makes it worth the eating. (Phase 2 of the Farm plan complete MWahahah!) The biscottie was good but I won't make it again for a while, it takes too long to eat.

Last but not least...all Hail You Tube! I could spend hours on that site like most knitters spend on Ravelry. Last night I got to hear music from my first instrumental techno band Art Of Noise. I miss their music, and thought no one else had ever heard of them. This thing is better then the radio cause you can hear all your favorite songs (up to a certain point in time) no commercials and no waiting.speaking of which...


Blogger Deb said...

Hi! Someone on Ravelry said you might know of any fiber arts type festivals in Omaha or Lincoln this year?

debjoy @

1/13/2008 2:58 AM  

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