Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goin' back to Cali

Alright, I've never been there but I'm going to Anaheim Cal for a week sponsored by the ever useful company I work for. So I won't be about for a while. I was reading the Knitting Curmudgeon and her topic about Knitting audio books. I think they might be a good idea for some books, but not others that you buy for the patterns/projects. I just bought The golden Compass on audio from I tunes(cheaper). I'll discuss it later.

Speaking of Projects we are having an on the needles count and I am at 4:

One set of wool nylon socks on size 2 dpn's with the afterthought heel as the learning spot. I need to finish the toes and make the heels.

One baby blue sweater with the white stranded snowflakes as the learning spot. I'm working on the sleeves, I've got the collar and the button closure to go.

One lace shawl in knit picks bare lace weight merino. I've got that one packed for the trip and 3/4 of the shawl to knit.

The gift baby blanket. EZ's square shawl from February baby things in the knitters almanac. Knit in normally I would say I need to go buy some yarn cause grey for a baby is not good, so it may be mine and I've got 7 mos to go before the baby is born. Frankly I don't want grey either, maybe red.... something. This one doesn't count yet since it's not on yet.

Love to everyone and I'll have lots of photos.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

busy woman! save s ome warm in cali for me!

did ya hear, dr jen is pregnant AGAIN! i swear, they were at it in the hospital bed!

1/21/2008 10:43 AM  

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